How to find my review link from Yelp?



10/27/20232 min read

Yelp is a crowd-sourced review platform that helps people find and connect with great local businesses.

Consumers can use Yelp to read reviews from other customers, learn about business hours and locations, and view photos. Businesses can use Yelp to create a free profile, respond to customer reviews, and get insights into customer feedback.

If you haven't have your business on Yelp, click here to add your business listing on Yelp.

What's Yelp?
How to find my Yelp review link?

To find your Yelp Review Link on mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Use any browser on your phone and then type "" in the URL field. Please make sure visit Yelp website instead of Yelp App.

  2. Enter your business name & location to find your business listing on Yelp.

  3. Once you find your business, tab and hold "Add Review" button (if you have Yelp app installed, Yelp might navigate you to Yelp app instead of Yelp mobile site)

  4. Once your phone pop-up Copy Link option, you're able to copy the Yelp Review link and paste it to ReviewSprint.

Test your Links

Once you find your link and paste the link to your ReviewSprint app. Make sure click "Save" button to save the link and then Test your link via Test Link buttons in ReviewSprint before sending invitations to your customers.