How to find my review link from Google Business Profile?



10/27/20232 min read

google map place review
google map place review

Google reviews are a powerful way to build trust and credibility with potential customers. They can also help your business rank higher in Google search results. That's why it's important to encourage your customers to leave reviews, and to make it easy for them to do so.

One way to make it easier for customers to leave reviews is to provide them with a direct link to your Google review page. This link can be included in your email signature, on your website, or in social media posts.

To find your Google review link, follow these steps:

  1. Open any browser on your phone and then go to your Google Business Profile. (If you don't have a Google Business Profile, click here)

  2. Once you find your business profile, click on the "Ask for reviews" button as shown below.

  3. And then copy the link that is displayed in the pop up.

  4. Now you can share your Google review link or paste in the ReviewSprint Google Review Link field.

Although you can share Google Review Link directly with customers directly, you don't want to do copy and paste every time.

That's how ReviewSprint can help you. ReviewSprint makes it easy to share your Google review link with customers without having to copy and paste it every time.

In ReviewSprint, simply click "Search" and enter your business name. ReviewSprint will then find your business and generate a unique Google review link for you. Once you save your review link, you can then insert this link by selecting the link option in your review invitation.

ReviewSprint saves you time and hassle, and it helps you to get more Google reviews for your business.

Test your Links

Once you find your link and paste the link to your ReviewSprint app. Make sure click "Save" button to save the link and then Test your link via Test Link buttons in ReviewSprint before sending invitations to your customers.