How to find my review link from Better Business Bureau?



11/8/20231 min read

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a trusted resource for consumers and businesses alike. A positive BBB rating can help your business attract new customers and build credibility. Encouraging customers to leave reviews on your BBB profile is a great way to improve your business's reputation.

What is a BBB Review Link?

A BBB review link is a unique URL that takes visitors directly to your BBB business profile's review page. This makes it easy for customers to leave a review without having to search for your business on the BBB website.

How to get Listed on BBB?

Before finding your BBB review link, you will need to make sure your business is on BBB first. If you can't find your business on BBB, you can request BBB to create a new Business Profile here.

How to find my BBB review link?

It's very easy to find your BBB review link, just follow steps below:

  • Go to

  • Search your business with name, category and location

  • Once you find your business, click it and find Customer Reviews section

  • And then click Start a Review or Be the First Review! link

  • Now you can copy the BBB review link from the address of your browser!

Now you have find your BBB review link, all you have to do it paste your BBB review link to Custom link in ReviewSprint and start inviting your customers to leave you reviews!