How to find my Facebook Page URL


10/27/20232 min read

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iPhone X beside MacBook

Facebook (Meta) is one of the most popular social network. Businesses are able to create Facebook Business Page to engage customers on Facebook. If you don't have a Business Page on Facebook, you can create a Facebook Page here.

With the increasing importance of online reviews, it is crucial for businesses to know how to find their Facebook review link and manage their reviews effectively.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of getting and managing reviews on Facebook. We will discuss the significance of Facebook reviews for businesses and provide you with actionable steps to improve your online visibility with them.

Facebook Review vs. Recommendation

Facebook review system is different from other review platforms. The social platform has switched to a binary system: customers can only recommend or not recommend a business.

All previous reviews are factored into a business's recommendation score, which also takes into account the ratio of customers who would recommend the business.

Please keep in mind that Facebook Business Page required 2,000 followers to turn on "Recommendation" tab.

Set up a Facebook page name

Once you create a Facebook Business Page, we recommend you set up your business page name. Your facebook page url will be shown as below:

  •[Your Business Page Name]

This is a very important step. A business name in your facebook page url make your customers easier to find you in Facebook Search Results.

How to create a Facebook Review Link?

It's very easy. Simply add "reviews" in the end of your facebook page URL.

  • For example:[Your Business Page Name]/reviews

Then your customers will be navigated to Reviews/Recommendations tab of the Facebook page

Facebook Page URL > Facebook Review Link

Although you can navigate customers to the Reviews/Recommendations tab of your Facebook page, we don't recommend it. Facebook review links only work on desktop browsers, and Facebook is unable to resolve this issue at this time.

Most customers will open your invitation on a mobile device, so we recommend using your Facebook page URL and encouraging them to follow or comment on your Facebook posts.

Test your Links

Once you find your link and paste the link to your ReviewSprint app. Make sure click "Save" button to save the link and then Test your link via Test Link buttons in ReviewSprint before sending invitations to your customers.